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Speciality Dogs in Australia

women walking her dog outside

We Australians love our dogs. They provide us with companionship, loyalty and play. We love exercising with them at the park and even dressing them up for shows. But did you know that dogs have the potential to do much more than play and look cute? All around our nation, professionals use dogs to help with detective work, assist disabled people with everyday tasks and save lives.

dog herding sheep

Working dogs are prominent in Australia. We use our dogs to help us fish, herd sheep, ranch, protect livestock and do detective work, among other things.

dog sniffing through backpack

One of the most helpful features of dogs is their sense of smell. Rescue and police dogs use this sense daily to detect illegal drugs, explosives and stranded people.

German shepherd

Not all dog breeds are good for speciality work. But professionals often use German shepherds, Labradors and retrievers for help because they’re strong, obedient and driven.